Popping champagne bottles! Okay maybe not, I'm currently drinking coffee but if I happen to stumble across a champagne bottle I will most likely pop it!!
FEEL YOU LEAVING is finally here!! And available everywhere!! Thanks so much to anyone that has downloaded, shared, loved, commented, streamed my new song. I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback its had so far. Feel You Leaving couldn't have come at a better time as I feel like I've reached a new stage in my career, voice, songwriting, sound, stage show! It's all about letting go of your past and embracing everything that is NOW! And to think this song started while I was sleeping!! If you haven't heard the story behind that yet, then let me know, but right now I'm just letting you know it's here!! If you haven't put it on your playlist yet, what's stopping you!? Okay, I can Feel You Leaving to go get it now. LOL. bye for now!


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